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Have the Presence of High Performing Executives - With Unflappable Grace and Certainty Without the Stress

Mary Lee Gannon. ACC, CAE has a unique perspective as an ICF Certified Coach and an 19-year corporate CEO. In this eWorkbook she shares the most important secrets on executive presence and confidence that she provides her clients. When you finish the exercises you walk away with a FREE personalized plan for confidence and high performance success!

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No More Confusion

This workbook helps you build confidence and pinpoint the sabotage behaviors that hold you back from the career and relationships you want. Success in life means engaging people to listen, follow and buy from you.  

Skip The Insanity

No more feeling:
• Judged, tired, ineffective. 
• Passed over for promotion.
• Detached. 
• Worried that not only might you drop down a notch on the professional ladder, you might just fall off.

Proven Executive Presence

At a certain level everyone is well educated and has experience. Your ability to have grace under fire, self-manage in the moment, and show character and confidence are key traits that outstanding leaders share. You'll learn them here.


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