$2,900.00 USD

EPOCH Discovery Coaching

This is where you position your unique genius to be relevant in your career, connected in your relationships and learn to reorient to life beyond your corporate role for a satisfied heart-centered life. The three step process is 1) Reorientation, 2) Identity and 3) Ideal Day.

The program includes:

  • The process starts with an Intake Assessment and Evaluation
  • 6 One-hour One-on-one Coaching Sessions over three months
  • 3 Discovery Workbooks (1) Reorientation, 2) Identity and 3) Ideal Day)
  • 9 Focused Online Trainings 
  • A Yearly Life Planning Tool
  • A Flow-on-the-Go Guide Planner
  • BONUS: Unlimited email access for three months to Executive Coach Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE