31 Ways for Leaders to Be More Valued & Advance

Leaders hire me to help them be respected, advance at the executive level, and prioritize well-being without being so overworked they don't connect with the people who matter.

When you don't get the respect you deserve in your career and it is affecting your leadership, your effectiveness, your executive presence, your sleep, your eating habits, your relationships, your peace, your choices, and your routines it's time to change that.

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Are you exhausted on the career treadmill to nowhere? I’m here to tell you that you can get that big promotion or land a great job and don’t let anyone tell you you can’t. I’ve been there. I was you. Then I realized something had to change, adopted three key strategies and went from food stamps to the C-Suite of a $31 million company and more time with my family. In this free Master Class I will show you the exact steps that took me from welfare to CEO without another degree or extra work. Success is freedom Not more hours.

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If you enter a room with 15 people one of them will stand out. She will have confidence that people notice. Others will stop talking and listen to him. Executive presence exudes the message, “I belong here.” And they show up with the same calm, self-control in their personal lives too. The easiest way to build executive presence is to stop doing the things that undermine it. They're all in this report as well as action steps to take today to counter them. Get this report for yourself and send the link to someone you know who can benefit from it.

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Do you wonder if you have the executive presence to stand out? Are you tired of disconnected personal relatnioships? Do speak with the certainty that gets identified as 'executive material?' Are you exhausted on the treadmill to nowhere with poor self-care? Have you been passed over and are not sure why? Review Mary Lee's Mindful Leader-Satisifed Life Coaching Program here. Corporations seeking leadership coaching may reach out to Mary Lee directly at [email protected]

Mary Lee Gannon for The Ladders

Mary Lee is a regular columnist for The Ladders - $100,000+ Job Platform

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The Still Space Podcast is where Executive Coach Mary Lee Gannon and her guests share fun and simple strategies to manage yourself so that you can show up the way you want in work, relationships and life and not default to past behaviors that leave you disappointed. The Still Space is where you learn to take an intentional moment to challenge habitual assumptions that hold you back with enlightened truths that boost your genius. We transform drama, resentment, doubt, unmet expectations, and self-sabotage to executive presence, self-control, deep sleep, healthy choices, and more connection with the people who matter while it still matters. It’s time.

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