The Get Valued, Hired and Promoted Checklist

Leaders engage my services to enhance their confidence, effectiveness, and executive presence, so they can advance quickly without sacrificing well-being or relationships.

You may find yourself holding back and not showing up at your best. You sense you are undervalued and not a 'must have' on your team. You're overwhelmed, detached or passed over. This is effecting your personal life, relationships, sleep, eating habits and peace. I help you change things that you don’t like about your career and life by helping you honestly assess where you are now, with all the outside factors (bureaucracy, corporate politics, personal agendas, posturing, drama, familial stress) and internal factors (doubt, fear, anger, frustration, expectations, disappointment, resentment) and create a different outcome right away. Every day you have lots of thoughts and feelings, take action on those, and generate results, creating the life you are presently living. If we change just one of these things - the way you think about and approach your day, your career, the people in your life, anxiety over the past or the future or right now - the outcome is significantly different. You lead a career and life by design - not default. You get valued, hired, promoted, and satisfied. I know a little about progress. I went quickly from welfare to CEO of a $33 million company after a difficult divorce and opened my heart again to love. Success is freedom. Not busyness.

Watch the Mini Course: Be Seen - Be Heard - Be Paid!

Are you exhausted on the treadmill to nowhere, not getting recognized and it is affecting your relationships, healthy routines and sleep? I’ve been there. I was you. Then I adopted key strategies I share in this mini course and went from food stamps to CEO of a $33 million company with more time and closeness with my family. I will show you the exact steps to position your value without another degree or extra work. You can lead a great team, get the promotion, be liked, land a great role. Success is freedom. 

FREE REPORT: 10 Ways You Are Killing Your Executive Presence

If you enter a room with 15 people one of them will stand out. She will have confidence that people notice. Others will stop talking and listen to him. Executive presence exudes the message, “I belong here.” And they show up with the same calm, self-control in their personal lives too. The easiest way to build executive presence is to stop doing the things that undermine it. They're all in this report. Watch Mary Lee in an ASK THE COACH session.

Coach with Mary Lee: Mindful Leader - Satisfied Life Coaching

Do you wonder if you have the executive presence to stand out? Are you tired of disconnected personal relationships? Do speak with the certainty that gets identified as 'executive material?' Are you exhausted on the treadmill to nowhere with poor self-care? Have you been passed over and are not sure why? Review Mary Lee's Mindful Leader-Satisifed Life Coaching Program here. Corporations seeking leadership coaching may reach out to Mary Lee directly at [email protected]

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Executive coaching tips on how to be valued and advance while maintaining well-being

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31 Ways for Leaders to be More Valued and Advance in the High Stakes Corporate World

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The Still Space Podcast is where Executive Coach Mary Lee Gannon and her guests share fun and simple strategies to manage yourself so that you can show up the way you want in work, relationships and life and not default to past behaviors that leave you disappointed. The Still Space is where you learn to take an intentional moment to challenge habitual assumptions that hold you back with enlightened truths that boost your genius. We transform drama, resentment, doubt, unmet expectations, and self-sabotage to executive presence, self-control, deep sleep, healthy choices, and more connection with the people who matter while it still matters. It’s time. Be sure to like and subscribe.

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The Way a Person Lives YouTube Channel

The Way a Person Lives is Mary Lee Gannon's YouTube Channel where you get mindful, creative and fun lifestyle ideas on how to make your home, garden, travel, and relationships interesting and peaceful no matter what is going on around you. This is where you make room for being the strong executive leader AND having playful fun! We all have a choice in how to live our lives. It's time we make choices that bring us joy. Work hard and play hard too.

The ROI of Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a proven way to develop individual, team, and organizational performance across industries. A Metrix Global study found that executive coaching has a 788% return on investment (ROI) based on factors including increases in productivity and employee retention.

Read The American University Report on Executive Coaching

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