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At a certain level in leadership everyone is smart, experienced and highly capable; those traits are no longer differentiators.

With two decades as a CEO and 10 years as a certified executive coach Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE has walked the talk. In her Mindful Leader-Satisfied Life Program you finally get the personal attention you want to show up confident and effective at work and in life.

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You are already an executive leader and have mastered traditional SMART goals.  But, you have come to realize that the higher one advances in an organization the less supports there are to help you develop the most valued strengths of executive presence, certainty, character and emotional intelligence.

It’s your emotional, cognitive and interpersonal skills that matter – not just what you can do but how you do it. Often doubt gets in the way.

Executive Leaders who achieve excellence focus on: 

S - Self-awareness, Self-regulation and Self-acceptance that underpins executive presence and emotional intelligence

M - Mindful leadership mastery     

A - Anticipation of opportunities and risk  

R - Resilience 

T - Thought leadership  

Employers, boards and executive leaders know that skill acquisition is easier when these traits are already in place. These five focus areas are not specific to industry, size of company, education, background, or experience. They are the foundation for building your self-awareness and ability to self-regulate no matter what the situation. They are the backbone for engaging healthy relationships, teams and respect. They instill confidence, executive presence and a certainty that draws people to follow and trust you.

The end result of having refined these new NEW SMART traits is executive presence, happiness, and ease. 

Meet Mary Lee: Listen to Mary Lee describe what it's like to work with her as your Executive Coach. 

Do you struggle with these issues? 

  • Wondering how to step up as a leader. 
  • Feeling lost and having no measurable plan to succeed or for your career. 
  • Handling bureaucracy, cynicism and personal agendas.
  • Dealing with an unhealthy environment at your workplace. 
  • Reluctant team members. 
  • Feeling unclear and stuck about which path to follow. 
  • Needing a plan to break challenges into small actionable small steps to avoid overwhelm.
  • Wanting strategies to execute on specific goals that you have to reach no matter what.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Inability to sleep, listening before reacting, sustaining healthy relationships, connecting, being calm.

Mary Lee Gannon offers customized professional executive coaching with a focus on mindful leadership, executive presence, and emotional intelligence.  

She is passionate about helping leaders gain clarity, then moving quickly to create a “roadmap” for reaching their potential.

These are just a few of the achievements that you will accomplish after working with Mary Lee:

  • Be a pro-active high performer in a key role for you, demonstrating strong character, executive presence, and ethics with flexibility to change your mind.
  • Have emotional intelligence, self-awareness and be able to self-regulate your doubt and emotions, self-starting and showing consideration and empathy.
  • Provide a safe environment for trial and error, inspiring openness and innovation whereby you succeed and fail together as a team.
  • Empower others to own and design their work, providing solid goals and accountability while providing guidance and insight, not reminders.
  • Foster a sense of connection and belonging in your team and with the people who matter in your life. You are happier.  
  • Nurture individual growth and organizational learning to develop an engaged and high performing team.


Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE


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