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Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE

THE ALLIANCE PROGRAM - All Access Executive Coaching Program

A full year – 52 hours – of one-on-one coaching and email responses within 24-hours. This package is designed for the busy executive whose work is high-stakes. You are at the top or near the top of your organization where unfortunately, at this level, there are less and less supports for leaders. Challenges come at you quickly and solutions need to be timely.

This systematic one-on-one coaching program provides you with ongoing input and evaluates your progress. You get a fresh third-party perspective on strategies you are using as well as unbiased and unfiltered feedback that you need to be most effective based on Mary Lee's years as a CEO and as an ICF certified coach. This keeps your success sustainable and progressive.

In addition to the one-on-one sessions, Mary Lee may make available to you exercises to help build your self-awareness and emotional intelligence. You may email her at any time and should expect a response within 24 work hours.

  • Full customized coaching - One-on-one one-hour sessions via phone
  • Duration: One session a month for 12 months 
  • Unlimited access to Executive Coach Mary Lee Gannon via email
  • Best fit for executives looking for systematic one-on-one fresh persepctive coaching to sustain results.

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THE IMPACT PROGRAM - 90-Day Executive Coaching Program

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 A 90-Day intensive program using a hybrid coaching model with online learning at your conveninece as well as laser focused coaching sessions viap phone with Mary Lee to put you on the fast track for building your mindful leadership presence. You will receive an online log in to a series of 5 Leadership Impact Modules with two to three training webinars in each and 20+ exercises and assessments per module that you complete and keep in a binder as you build your Leadership Impact Plan. You reference this Plan the rest of your career. Mary Lee walks you step by step through the progression of transforming your perspective, your actions and your results. After each module you will get a laser focused one-on-one coaching session with her. You may email her at any time during those 90 days and she will respond within 24 work hours.

  • Five Personal One-on-One One-Hour Intensive Strategy Coaching Sessions via phone
  • Five Online Modules with 13 Webinars and Videos: 1) Clarify Your Direction, 2) Transform Doubt, 3) Optimize Your Environment 4) Step into Your Unique Leadership Value, 5) Your Plan for Sustainable High Performance
  • More than 60 ‘Executive Presence’ Development Exercises to Design Your Personal...
  • Leadership Impact Plan
  • Quick Tip Video Library
  • Closed Facebook Leadership Mastermind Facebook Group
  • Unlimited Email Access and Responses
  • Duration: 3 months
  • Best fit: for the individual who wants to uplevel their leadership, management, relatability and results on the fast track.

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THE TARGETED SESSIONS PROGRAM - Individual Laser-Focused Executive Coaching Sessions

This program is for clients who need one or two targeted coaching sessions on specific issues or want to set up regular ongoing monthly sessions after they have concluded working with me on The Alliance or Impact Programs detailed above. I created The Targeted Sessions Program as a way for former clients to receive one-hour laser coaching sessions when needed to maintain their forward momentum.

It’s a great program for when you have a single issue for which you need a laser focused strategy to help you or you want to schedule regular monthly sessions for feedback and accountability. This works well for former clients and experienced leaders. It’s is not ideal for people who have never had a coach before and are not sure of their next move. 

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