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Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE

Successful leaders already know that the old SMART goals are not enough to position them to be highly effective. When you coach with me you will accomplish your overall goals but also build NEW SMART goals to increase your executive presence, calmness, relationship skills, fulfillment and effectiveness. We will build your:

S - Self-awareness and self-acceptance
M - Mindful self-regulation and observation
A - Anticipatory skills to be prepared
R - Resilience
T - Thought leadership

Meet Mary Lee: Listen to Mary Lee describe what it's like to work with her as your Executive Coach.  

Coaching with Mary Lee is a good fit for the determined leader like you who is smart, educated, has great experience, yet is not happy in your career, relationships and life or something just isn't working. You've tried a lot of things and don’t understand what to do. Working hard has always served you but it’s not a differentiator any more. In fact, you’re seeing people who are working far less being promoted above you. You aren’t connecting with key people in your work or personal life. You feel dismissed - disregarded. And it isn’t getting better.

You are not on a clear, concise and reliable career or personal path. You’re not sure how you’re going to achieve your goals. You’re starting to feel wobbly about whether you’re even cut out for a higher level position. You wonder if happiness and feeling satisfied is even possible for you. You don’t feel you have the emotional intelligence or executive presence to be identified as someone to promote or to be a “must have” on a team. You’ve noticed your relationships are frayed, you’re resentful, you’re not sleeping well and other healthy habits such as eating well and regular physical activity have gone by the wayside too. 

You’ve taken trainings, have met with mentors, therapists, sponsors and advocates and read all the books. You are working as hard as possible – to the detriment of your personal life and relationships. Others are advancing and while you’ve hit some goals, your forward momentum has plateaued, you aren’t getting noticed and you don’t have the personal freedom you desire. And you’re afraid this might be permanent.

You are **so done** with not making the money or having the impact, fulfillment, relationships and peace you truly desire. You, instead, want a simple, uncomplicated path to the executive presence of high earners that gains a following, makes you feel fulfilled and enjoying meaningful connections with the people who matter while it still matters.




Mindful Leader-Satisfied Life - 6 Month Coaching Program (Most Popular!) 

  1.     A personal review by me of your Leadership Intake Evaluation. 
  2.     Personal One-on-One One-Hour Intensive Strategy Coaching Session calls with me over six months.
  3.     Five Mindful Leadership Impact Online Learning Modules with 13 laser-focused we webinars and worksheets.
  4.     Module #6 – Executive Presence Institute (Brand New!)
  5.     YOUR Personal Leadership/Career Impact Plan - Executive Presence exercises for each module.
  6.     Lifetime Membership in The New SMART Leadership Mastermind Closed Facebook Group.
  7.     Personal Career and Life Planning Tool Review by me personally.
  8.     A One-on-One Comprehensive Speech Cadence Analysis for meetings, presentations, presence.
  9.     My Private Series of Leadership Coaching Quick Tip 2-3 minute videos. Most people listen to them in their car or on their commute.


BONUS #1 -- My brand new e-book The Three Things – just completed! If you are going to work on anything – work on these three things. This is not available anywhere but as part of this program.

BONUS #2 – CAP Sustainability Coaching - At the time you complete the program you receive a 50% discount on my CAP Sustainability Coaching Program to continue the progress with monthly coaching calls. So, for the same amount as the 6 month program you have access to my support and new materials to continue your progress.

BONUS #3THIS IS A BIG ONE Unlimited email access to me with a response within 24-48 hours for the entire 6 months. I will review anything you want me to analyze. A HUGE BONUS – your private consultant on call for you.

In 6 months you can MASTER your career path, plan, impact, executive presence, value proposition as well as have better relationships with the people who matter while it still matters and much more for a more effective career and happier life.

Imagine that it is 6 months from now and you are leading meetings where people are action inspired. You know where you want to work, with whom, and doing what. You close more deals, are happier, sleeping better, feeling healthier and enjoying more connected relationships. You have a strategy to get promoted, hired, close the sale and advance. Even better you have a sustainable Leadership Impact Plan to lean on the rest of your life when you want to revisit any of the work we did together. At the end of the day you feel satisfied for once and not striving for more-more-more. You sleep better, eat healthier, are more connected and just plain satisfied. 

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THE CAP PROGRAM - Clarity - Accountability - Planning (Only for Clients Who Have Completed the Impact Program)

This is a sustainability program and only available for graduates of the Impact Coaching Program. If clients commit within 30 days of graduation they receive a 67% discount off the year long Alliance Program listed above.

  1. Twelve months of unlimited email access to Mary Lee with an actionable response within 24 work hours. 
  2. Twelve monthly laser-focused 55-minute strategy calls to review goals/progress and anything on which you want coaching.
  3. Ongoing support on goal setting, excellence and executive presence.
  4. Accountability to reach the milestones you want.
  5. Monthly trainings on thought leading strategies you may watch on demand at your convenience - New thoughts on Conflict Resolution, A Growth Mindset, Deliberately Developmental Management, Feedback etc. You will receive an email when these trainings are posted in your portal.
  6. A third party perspective on your leadership blind spots and prioritization of your goals as you advance in your career and businesses with not only high impact but also confidence, connection and calm. Success is freedom. Not more hours.

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THE TARGETED SESSION PROGRAM - Individual Single-Issue Executive Coaching Sessions

This program is for clients who need one or two targeted coaching sessions on specific issues or want to set up regular ongoing monthly sessions after they have concluded working with me on The Alliance or Impact Programs detailed above. I created The Targeted Sessions Program as a way for former clients to receive one-hour laser coaching sessions when needed to maintain their forward momentum.

It’s a great opportunity for when you have a single issue for which you need a laser focused strategy to help you or you want to schedule regular monthly sessions for feedback and accountability. This works well for former clients and experienced leaders. It’s is not ideal for people who have never had a coach before and are not sure of their next move. 

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THE ALLIANCE PROGRAM - All Access Annual Coaching Program 

A full coaching and sustainability program year – 12 1-hour one-on-one sessions once a month plus email responses within 24-hours. This package is designed for the busy executive whose work is high-stakes. You are highly placed executive where unfortunately, at this level, there are less and less supports and feedback loops. Challenges come at you quickly and solutions need to be timely.

This systematic one-on-one coaching program provides you with ongoing input, evaluates your progress and hold you accountable. You get a fresh third-party perspective on strategies you are using as well as unbiased and unfiltered feedback that you need to be most effective based on Mary Lee's 19 years as a CEO and as an ICF certified coach. This keeps your success sustainable and progressive.

In addition to the one-on-one sessions, Mary Lee may make available to you exercises to help build your self-awareness, executive presence and emotional intelligence. You may email her at any time and should expect a response within 24 work hours.

  • Full customized coaching - One-on-one one-hour sessions via phone
  • Access to the Leadership Impact Program
  • Duration: A one-on-one session a month for 12 months 
  • BONUS - Unlimited access to Executive Coach Mary Lee Gannon via email to review any documents, plans or ideas.
  • Best fit for leaders looking for systematic one-on-one fresh perspective coaching to find clarity and sustain results.

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Options 1: A full year of support with sessions twice a month and 24-hour response to emails plus everything listed here including training, worksheets and complete Leadership Impact Plan.  

 Options 2: A full year of support with sessions once a month and 24-hour response to emails plus everything listed here including training, worksheets and complete Leadership Impact Plan.  


Meet Mary Lee: Listen to Mary Lee describe what it's like to work with her as your Executive Coach. 






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