#7 When You Are Exhausted on the Treadmill to Nowhere – My Mom’s Story

Season #1

Hard work always served you well. So, you go back to this strategy when things aren’t working. Except nothing changes. Now you are not only working harder without efficacy or personal reward but you are exhausted, can’t sleep, have frayed relationships, are eating way too much and see no hope in sight. In this episode we explore how to get off this treadmill to nowhere and practical steps you can take right now to deliver exactly what you want and how I used the treadmill to nowhere as an excuse for not letting go of what needed to be released until I knew how.

I also show how I reconciled a strained relationship I had for years with my mom. It was hard to share this but I felt I had to in an effort to help those experiencing strained relationships with family members. Juicy stuff here. Worth the short listen.

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