#29 Seven Toxic Workplace Behaviors and How You Can Deal With Them

Season #1

If you manage people, your team needs you to be human and show signs of humanity. If you might be doing any of these seven behaviors, you are doing them to yourself far worse. Yes. Start with how you treat yourself - the sneaky thoughts you tell yourself about how you need to just work harder, how you don’t have time to connect, how you judge yourself, how you don’t expect anyone to support you so why would anyone else need your support. What if you could stop shaking the snow globe of chaotic thoughts and let everything settle? What if working harder wasn’t your signature strength? What if your value proposition was to instinctively see the truth of a situation without confirmation bias, anticipate needs, craft strategy and execute with the ability to shift in a moment without regret? What if you stopped judging yourself and others and allowed openness to emerge and clarity to drive you? What if you had practices that kept you on track to have what you want so sustainability of confidence, connection and calm were a mainstay? We get into all of this on this episode.


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