#56 How to Track Your Wellbeing - Flow-on-the-Go Planner and Free Download

Season #1

You wouldn’t go on a trip without a map. We need one for life too. You have a calendar for appointments. On this episode we are talking about wellbeing practices and a tool for accountability. This little tool – created between managing my office, being a wife, being a mom, being a grandmother (Gigi), walking our doggie (Bailey), cooking, planning, traveling, painting, keeping my home, and being an executive coach – is something I have used for years. It helped me go from welfare to the CEO of a $33 million organization, have closer relationships, get in shape, and enjoy what matters to me. My clients receive a bound book version of this document with lots of practices, planning information, relaxation techniques and more. Here is a link to the free version to help get you started on freedom - maintaining your wellbeing AND having a fulfilling career. Get the Free Flow-on-the-Go Guide here >>> https://www.maryleegannon.com/pl/80565


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