#79 How Will I Make This Transition?

Season #1

The Latest Still Space Podcast #79 How Will I Make This Transition? One of the hardest things about making a transition from one phase of life to another is reorientation. Moving from corporate leadership to a new career or retirement is reorientation, hearing a new diagnosis, anticipating the end of a marriage – all of these are scary. In this episode we discuss how to move past the impediments with practical strategies that make life, career and relationships fun again. For more career and life tools, learn more about CAREER/ LIFE Coaching and EPOCH Discovery Coaching go to www.MaryLeeGannon.com. Here is the link to Mary Lee’s Will I Be Content in Retirement? Checklist >>> https://www.maryleegannon.com/opt-in-9474fa18-4505-4999-964c-e84adfaeb338


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