I'm Feeling Anxious

I’m feeling anxious today. I have committed to take two journeys simultaneously that will

1) I’m taking a six-week Dreamwork Coaching Program with master Will Sharon to help my executive coaching clients further build their conscious awareness, peace and effectiveness. It’s not for the faint of heart. It requires online training, hours of classes, work with a partner and more. 

2) I’m taking a Podcast Fellowship Program with a colleague of Seth Godin’s to learn how to launch my first Podcast series around ‘New SMART Leadership.’ 

I asked myself, “Ok Mary Lee, what would you ask a client in this position?” The answer is that I’d ask her to execute the PAUSE Cafe strategy...

I PAUSE and take a deep breath. 

I ASK myself, “What’s going on with me?” I’m feeling scared that I won’t be able to manage my time and will feel stressed. I feel vulnerable because I am not good with technology, have no skills in either subject matter area and feel vulnerable about what my dreams may say about me. And I’m excited at the opportunity.

I UNTANGLE the difference between assumptions and truths. It’s an assumption that I have no talent in these areas. The truth is that I know how to interview people from my years as a reporter. It’s an assumption that understanding dreams implies judgment. Only I can attach that. It’s pretty much a truth that I am technologically challenged but an assumption that I have no talent. I’ve taught myself how to build a website, online courses and online marketing. Another truth is that if I can raise four kids, hold down a CEO role and over deliver I must be pretty good at managing time. I just need to map it out.

I STEP BACK and realize my world is a lot bigger then the anxiety I apply to it. I am capable.

I EXTEND myself compassion. With my hand on my heart I say. “May I be good to myself in this moment.”

That’s Flow. Now I need to get to it.

Your coach,

Mary Lee

P.S. Feel free to send this link to someone who could benefit from it. We are all walking down the same road in life.


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