Working Harder is Not the Answer

Do you think that working harder is the answer?

It sure is the way most of us worked our way to management roles - be really good at what you do and do it better and faster than others so leaders will notice.

Then they make you manager and you realize that the skills that got you here aren’t working. Being really good at your area of expertise isn’t enough.

So, you just work harder. Yet nothing changes.

Except now, you have an underperformer on your team who is bringing the median down, people aren’t showing up on time, there’s a lack of enthusiasm at meetings and the work pace has slowed.

Things only get worse. You are non-confrontational and avoid conversations that you don’t know how to have. You’re worried that your boss is noticing productivity. Your family is noticing that you are distant and irritable. Even when you’re home all you think about is work. You’re not sleeping or exercising and your desk drawer is filled with snacks....

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