I'm Invisible! - And Special Discount Until December 17th

Things are not working out in your job or in your personal life the way you had hoped. You're misunderstood and feeling ineffective, undervalued, and disregarded. People don't take you seriously. You are worried you don’t have the emotional intelligence, executive presence and influence to be a true leader. You’ve noticed your personal relationships are disjointed, too. 


You’ve taken trainings, have met with mentors, sponsors and advocates and read all the books. You are working as hard as possible – to the detriment of your personal life. Others are more effective, liked better and advancing. While you’ve hit some goals, your forward momentum has plateaued. You aren’t getting noticed and you don’t have the personal freedom you desire. You feel invisible. You’re afraid this might be permanent.


You are not irrelevant. You are just unseen right now.


You’re convinced that you’re overwhelmed and stressed. You say things to yourself like, “If I could only get (this project finished, a new job, love in my life, a promotion, a new house, a new partner) I’d finally be happy.” You believe you’re undervalued, unseen, and overlooked at work and in your personal life.  


And you believe these things because you look around at your life and see evidence of it. No doubt.  


These thoughts become a self-fulfilling prophecy by the way you  think and what you focus on. Those thoughts are nothing but energy. They are a choice. They’re optional.   If we don’t learn how to choose a different lens through which we view our life, opportunity pales in comparison to strife because we are wired with a negativity bias. Then we use confirmation bias to look for things to support the negativity.  


This bias to be alert to danger is helpful and has kept us alive and not extinct as a species. But mastodons no longer walk the earth. Repeatedly playing it safe kills careers, happiness and satisfaction.


If we don’t change the lens, we will keep making our biased thoughts come true.


Hope is not a strategy. Practice is. Mindful practices and knowledge train the mind to control its thoughts so it doesn’t run away with our dreams and hold our satisfaction hostage.


I created the Mindful-Leader–Satisfied Life Program for the ambitious leader like you who is smart, educated, has great experience, yet is stagnant in your career or on an important issue and you don’t understand why. Working hard has always served you but it’s not a differentiator any more. In fact, you’re seeing people who are working far less advancing and it’s gutting.


You are **so done** with not having the impact, fulfillment, relationships, income and peace you truly desire. You, instead, want a simple, uncomplicated path to the executive presence of high earners that gains a following, makes you feel fulfilled and enjoying meaningful connections with the people who matter while it still matters.


Over the next 6 months you will gain sustainable mindful career clarity and efficacy, increased income strategies, know your transferable skills and have more likability. You’ll step into the role as the leader you were meant to be. Additionally, you’ll have better relationships, eating habits, sleep habits, exercise routine – all mindful self-control that falls into place when you are fulfilled.


You will…


…trade doubt, frustration, perfectionism, and self-sabotage for courage, strategy and confident execution.


…walk into any situation – a meeting, a presentation, a project update, a collaborative, a family matter, a relationship discussion, an interview – and belong because you matter for who you are, not what you do.


…navigate feedback without feeling judged so you continue to grow and gain a competitive edge.


…have executive presence so others believe in you because you believe in yourself. 

This is for you. You’ve tried all the other things and still nothing has changed. This is the missing piece you’ve been waiting for. If you are interested, Apply now!

Read testimonials from my clients here.


HERE IS THE SPECIAL OFFER - Expires Sunday, December 17th >>> This program is on a special discount until December 17th. All year long this program has been $6,750. Now, for those who sign up on or before December 17th the price for this six-month one-on-one coaching program is $5,000. After January first the original price will go up so now is the time to register. 


With this program you will have:

  • Executive presence
  • The confidence to walk into any meeting, know you belong and execute what you want to accomplish
  • A plan to position your signature strengths, value proposition, and personal mission for effectiveness.
  • A Flow-on-the-Go Guide Planner mailed to you. 
  • A process of coexisting with anxiety without doubting yourself, fearing that you are in danger or need to control the situation
  • Unconditional love of self and others without having to change them or you
  • Humility to say you made a mistake and not feel you have compromised yourself in any way
  • The ability to feel joy, love, happiness and all of the fulfilling emotions without worrying that they won’t last
  • The ability to feel pain, loss, grief, fear, disappointment, frustration and all of the difficult emotions without attaching stories to them that trick you into believing that there is something wrong with you or that the situation will only get worse
  • The skill to experience challenges as part of life, not a personal assault on you or an edict on your worthiness to be happy
  • Self-control and commitment to personal values – healthy eating, sleeping, exercise, relationships
  • A willingness to take risks and allow life on its terms without expectations or assumptions
  • An acceptance that death is part of life, is not to be feared and that we will all die at some point
  • A commitment to make the most of every moment
  • Reconnection with people who matter in your life


If you're ready to sign up now - Here is link to all the details and the SPECIAL DISCOUNT!  


Payment plan available at this link! 


I look forward to working with you every step of the way to get what you want in 2024.


Special Podcast: Leadership is the Way: In this episode Mary Lee is interviewed by former Nuclear Submarine Officer and president of Peak Demand Jon Rennie of The Deep Leadership Podcast on leadership styles, executive presence, emotional intelligence, and advancing in your career.

Listen to Mary Lee's "The Still Space Podcast" wherever you listen to podcasts or here: Mary Lee’s website     Apple      Spotify

 Your coach,

Mary Lee 

P.S. Feel free to send this link to someone who could benefit from it. We are all walking down the same road in life looking for a hand to hold. Sometimes we must be the hand that reaches out.


Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE is an executive coach and 19-year corporate CEO who helps leaders have more effective careers, happier lives and better relationships. Request a free consultation call.





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