Who is The Company?

Late Monday afternoon on April 23rd my husband flew American Airlines 8+ hours through the night from Philadelphia to Munich. An hour and a half before the flight landed while the cabin was dark and most passengers were sleeping the airline blared an announcement asking people to donate to a charity - something that could have occurred earlier.

My husband questioned the flight attendant who told him to go to AA.com & file a complaint with the company. 

(Not that it should matter but my husband flew business class and is Concierge Key, all which the flight attendant knew.)

Subsequently, the pilot came out & told him the same thing.

Let’s replay this:

Pilot: #1) You and every employee are the face of the company - you own its behavior. Apologize and fact find. “I understand you had a bad experience and I apologize. We value your business. Please tell me what happened.”

#2) Affirm the toll. “I understand that you probably have to work as...

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