A Fun Remote-Work COVID-19 Plan for You Today - Fill in the Blanks

You're at home working remotely and worried about getting Coronavirus, your income may decline, your investment portfolio is tanking and that retirement may be a mirage. Let's focus on what needs to go right not what is going wrong.

1. We need to get comfortable with uncertainty.

Difficult, yes. But think back to the last time you were uncertain - got laid off, moved to a new town, started school or a new job. How did you get through it? You'll get through this the same way.

We want to shrink back to the ways things were. We were comfortable there. Much of the predictability of our lives is gone. We are all grieving that loss. 

The sooner we accept that change is inevitable, uncomfortable and out of our control, the more resiliency we have to move forward.

2. Focus on the professional or personal development you've complained you've never have time for.

You're bored. You're as productive as you can be considering much of your work flow is controlled by a stagnant economy. So get inquisitive about your career and executive presence.

Don’t have an accidental life or career. Often more planning goes into a summer vacation than a 40-year career or 90-year life. Create an actionable plan for your next career move with the new free tool I give my clients - 8 Tips When You're Not Sure What Industry or Position is Right for You. Trade the treadmill to nowhere for a fulfilling career and rewarding life. The time is now. I'm sharing it here so that people will have hope. >>> Get the new Free Plan Now.

* NOTE * Allow me to point out that if you are working at home, now is the perfect time to work with me on your leadership, executive presence and career goals. You'll have time and focus to do the work necessary to create whole life change. When you get back to your office you might not be as free to prioritize yourself. Make good use of this "meanwhile time." Set up a free consultation call with me so we can discuss if coaching is a good fit. I am happy to show you what you can expect and enjoy with this transformation. Request a free consultation call.

Your coach,

Mary Lee 

P.S. Feel free to forward this email to someone who could benefit from it. We are all walking down the same road in life looking for a hand to hold. Sometimes we must be the hand that reaches out. www.MaryLeeGannon.com  

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE is an executive coach and 19-year corporate CEO who helps leaders have more effective careers, happier lives and better relationships. Request a free consultation call.


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