Do This to De-Stress

Do you ever feel completely overwhelmed such that you don't know where to begin? Then because you can't jump start anything that seems to work you become self-critical in the process and start taking everything personally. 

"This will never get better. It always seems to happen to me. Nothing is working. I wish I could just stop being this way. When will I get a break?"  

Here is a practice I share with my clients for when you feel stressed:  

1. Notice how stress shows up in your:  

a. Body = ________________

b. Feelings = _______________

c. Thoughts = ________________  

2. Welcome stress. Get curious about it. The body, mind and thoughts are designed to heighten how we deal with stress. This is good unless fear takes over. Disarm fear by answering…  

a. I am stressed about __________________________________ (WHAT?)  

b. Dig deeper. Ask yourself WHY? 5 times: Why is that important to me?

Why is that important to me?

Why is that important to me?

Why is that important to me?

Why is that important to me?  

3. Go back to the 5 WHYs in #2b and focus your stress toward THAT instead of fear - toward your purpose.  

Sometimes if we can just be still long enough to notice the power of our thoughts, body, and feelings and harness them to work for us instead fo expecting them to work against us we can gain courage and freedom.  

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Your coach,

Mary Lee 

P.S. Feel free to forward this email to someone who could benefit from it. We are all walking down the same road in life looking for a hand to hold. Sometimes we must be the hand that reaches out.  

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE is an executive coach and 19-year corporate CEO who helps leaders have more effective careers, happier lives and better relationships. Request the short career survey here.

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