It's Ready! And I was wrong.

Hi Friend!

I’ve been coaching leaders of different titles and industries for 12 years. Over time I’ve witnessed common themes show up in almost everyone. Truthfully, I’ve seen them show up in myself as well. 

We feel unrest in our careers. And it begins to spread to our personal lives. 

We stop taking care of ourselves. We break from healthy routines such as exercise, eating healthy, a good night’s sleep. 

We distance ourselves from the people we care about. 

We stop seeing ourselves as top talent in our area of expertise. 

We start to doubt our efficacy at all. We think there is something wrong with us. And then we see ourselves as small. In all aspects of our lives. 

And then we show up small, perpetuating the very insidious doubt trap that hamstrings our happiness. 

I know this well from having been a single mom on welfare food stamps, medical assistance, and homeless without an automobile at the end of my divorce. You think you don’t deserve better. Until you do, nothing changes. 

At the beginning of 2022 I did an experiment. I only coach people in the late afternoons and early evenings because of my fulltime role as a CEO of a $33 million organization by day yet I had become so busy I couldn’t fit any more clients into my day. Yet, I didn’t want to give up coaching people one-on-one to start group coaching because I wasn’t sure I could help them as much. So, I joined three groups to test my theory. Two were professional development groups for coaches. One was a group for whole life. 

I was categorically wrong. So wrong. I can still coach people one-on-one in a group. What I realized over the past year is that we are tribal beings. Humans are communal by nature. I had more fun, grew more as a leader and learned more about myself in these groups then I ever had in anything else I had ever participated in. I renewed all my memberships. 

What I liked most about coaching in the group setting was watching other people be coached who are struggling with the same issues I deal with every day. Somehow, it got clearer when it wasn’t my issue – when it was a third party. Every time someone else was being coached on the Zoom group call, I found myself saying, “I can relate.” 

Additionally, I had the best coaching session I have ever received right there in front of my peers. The situation called me to be my highest self on the Zoom call. It wasn’t a performance. It was humility. People commented in the private group later on appreciating seeing my transformation. The sense of community is powerful. 

So, there you have it. I am starting a new small 6-month group for leaders called Mindful Leader – Satisfied Life CIRCLE. It’s on a first come first serve basis. I'm so excited - I’ve been preparing for this for you for three months. In the CIRCLE you will get new trainings on how, first, to unravel the insidious thought cycle trap that I described above as well as practical and actionable advice for your career, relationships and life plus much, much more. 

I’m am launching this with a special live training on February 20th at 5:00 pm EST called The Five Star Leader – How to Bulletproof Your Job Security and Advance, Even if You’ve Tried Everything. Register for the free live training here. 

In the CIRCLE you’ll get:

Immediate 6-month membership access to all 6 modules.

Weekly 1:1 group coaching calls and recordings.

BONUS: Flow-on-the-Go Guide Wellbeing Planner for the Program mailed to you.

BONUS: Membership to the Mindful Leader Satisfied Life CIRLCE Private Facebook Group Community

BONUS: Quick Tip Video Library access

BONUS: Presence Institute Special Recordings 

Because you are on my list, I am giving you a very special preview to the program overview that is not accessible on my website. Once I announce this on social media the group will soon close. 

If you are like me and are certain about what you want, you can Learn the details and make sure you are included in the CIRCLE when we start by registering here. 

JUST FOR YOU: Nobody else but my list of followers can see the link above right now. So, please go to this page and check it out because the group will fill up quickly based on the interest I’ve already had. Rifht now is the debut. I want to help people who are committed to themselves. I want to help you! 

There is still an option to coach with my personally.

Also, if you have questions, simply respond to this email. We can always get on quick call if that serves you best. I don’t want anyone in the doubt trap. Dreams die there. And your dreams are ready to come alive. I’ll be with you every step of the way. 

Success is freedom. Not more hours. I'll see you on the other side.

Your coach,

Mary Lee 

P.S. Feel free to forward this email to someone who could benefit from it. We are all walking down the same road in life looking for a hand to hold. Sometimes we must be the hand that reaches out.

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE is an executive coach and 19-year corporate CEO who helps leaders have more effective careers, happier lives and better relationships. 

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