The Problem Behind the Problem

This week I had a call with a client who is exhausted in his VP role from working hard yet not earning the trust of his team which isn’t productive as measured by CEO. This is creating strained relationships with his spouse and children. He’s stopped his exercise routine, is binge snacking, and isn’t sleeping well. He’s drinking more than usual and extremely frustrated. 

Here’s what we’re going to do: 

βœ… Look at the whole picture. Not just the frustrated part and tack on an action plan that won’t be sustainable nor is linked to the bigger picture that he can’t even see in all the hurt and disappointment at this point. 

βœ… Emotional pain is debilitating. Our culture tends to gloss over emotion with a “just work harder” mantra that doesn’t work. Just ask the military that is now totally committed to mental and physical fitness after witnessing the PTSD fallout of the “just suck it up” mindset. 

βœ… When we unravel the nonsensical assumptions and the feelings they generate that contribute to let-down we begin to understand the effect these have on our core beliefs and our persona. 

βœ… When our self-awareness grows so does the ability to see our impact on others. Here we make different choices in what we think and do. 

βœ… We can’t lead others when we don’t know how to prioritize our own life. We often neglect ourselves when we don’t feel good about our performance. In this space we teach others to see us as small. 

βœ… Things shift when we start to gain self-control over thoughts that don’t serve us and invite in the realization of our signature strengths. These strengths must be well defined to apply them. 

βœ… Then all the seeking, and striving, and trying harder to thrive and prove ourselves fades into the background as something new emerges: Self-Empowerment. 

βœ… Confidence sails into self-esteem when you know not only that you’re competent but that you belong wherever you go and that you are worthy of joy, happiness, and close relationships. You show up for yourself and others with compassion. People are drawn to your comfort with yourself and your humility. They want you around, trust you and value you. 

If this resonates with you here a link apply to work with me. Let’s get on a call to talk about what you want for your next six months. I'm looking forward to speaking with you. 

Success is freedom. Not more hours.

*** THIS IS SPECIAL: The Latest Still Space #68 When Anxiety Cripples Your Ability to Do What Matters to You Anxiety is a feeling of worry nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome. Symptoms include edginess, restlessness, tiring easily, impaired concentration, irritability, increased muscle aches, and difficulty sleeping. Lack of structure can contribute to anxiety. A recent American Psychological Association poll found that 68% of adults reported that they worry about health and safety, 67% about finances, 56% politics and 48% about interpersonal relationships. To hack our brains and break the anxiety cycle of worry, we must be aware of when we are getting anxious, what typically results from that and interrupt the pattern. In this episode we talk about how to do that so persistent worry doesn’t hamstring your career, relationships and life.

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Your coach,  

Mary Lee 

P.S. Feel free to forward this email to someone who could benefit from it. We are all walking down the same road in life looking for a hand to hold. Sometimes we must be the hand that reaches out.  

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE is an executive coach and 19-year corporate CEO who helps leaders have more effective careers, happier lives and better relationships. Find aout more about the people who have worked with Mary Lee.

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