The Success Story

I have a client in Silicon Valley who I’m very proud of today. She is smart, well educated, successful and came to me to grow her self-worth to show up differently at work and in life. She was struggling in relationships with people who were close to her. I felt the pain of her suffering. I felt her despair at how some people treated her. It made me sad. 

We worked on healthy boundaries. We worked on self-awareness. We worked on defining her values and her vision of a life in alignment with them. We worked on mindful daily practices that help her self-regulate fear. We worked on being with discomfort long enough to see that it wouldn’t overtake her because it’s only her imagination. We worked on self-acceptance with all her imperfections. We worked more on boundaries. 

We did not work on her being better than anything or anyone. We didn’t work on what she didn’t deserve. We didn’t work on why change would be better. 

We worked on her re-discovering her. In that space she made decisions that resonated with who she was at her core. She had lost herself along the way. 

I am never happy to see relationships end unless the breakup represents emotional freedom and self-respect. I’m very happy that today she has found a different home and been living there for three months. It was hard being alone at first. She anticipated that. She was prepared to self-regulate the doubt. 

Today she smiles. She laughs. Other people interact with her differently at work, in her family and in life. She is doing side interest of painting, reading and spending time with friends. She walks in a space of fulfillment not fear. She dances with inspiration, not minding what happens along the way. 

She has built a life by design. She has freedom. 

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Your coach,

Mary Lee 

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Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE is an executive coach and 19-year corporate CEO who helps leaders have more effective careers, happier lives and better relationships. Meet Mary Lee.


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