The Year is Nearly Over - What Now? 12 Reso-YOU-tions

Would you take a trip without a map? Of course not. This year is nearly over and you might be looking at the New Year and setting resoutions with skepticism. We think we can create a resolution and get there just because we want to. It doesn't work that way. The reason most resolutions fail is because they are simply notions centered on “getting” something and not grounded in the root of what drives people - authenticity and values.

12 Reso-YOU-tions for Results in 2019

1. Write down your goals. Studies show that people who write down their intentions reach them far more than those who don’t.

2. Define what you will let go of. What’s the head trash that inserts itself in your life every time you want to make a leap? Sometimes we need to eliminate before we can add.

3. Define who you will let go of. People are toxic too. Who would you be without negative influence?

4. Sure up a financial safety net. Max out your 401(k) contributions. Take only short term car loans. Automatically deposit from each paycheck into a non-accessible savings fund. Revisit your estate plan and bank accounts for changes in beneficiary status. Delay social security.

5. Put a mirror on your desk. Do you smile on the phone? What can you learn from inviting feedback without self-criticizing or being defensive?

6. Tame your head trash by labeling the root feeling, being curious and affirming that the feeling is “OK.” What is at the root of your behavior? It is certainly a feeling. “I'm feeling a little freaked out by the risk and it’s ok – I’m capable!” not “I am so freaked out and overwhelmed – I don’t have time to do that.”

7. Pick one word to describe your intent for the next year. Post it with the anniversary date where you will see it every day. Open, Influence, Leverage, Courage, Explore, Welcome, Innovate etc. Pick a new word in a year.

8. Build your self-awareness by working from the inside out. Name brand suits, designer shoes and expensive accessories are no substitute for character, humility, talent, influence, self-awareness and charity. Who are you no matter where you are seated at the table? Slow down and name what you are discovering.

9. Invite compassion in by intention. When feeling afraid, conflicted or guarded think, "I will pause to switch to deep listening for the big picture issue,” or "May I be the catalyst for compassion here."

10. Start a Gratitude Journal to release expectations and center in the present moment. Write one thing you are grateful for each day. Write one thing you notice about yourself each day. It’s hard to compare when the bright light of thanks is shining on the good things.

11. Simplify by scheduling systems into your life. Bookkeeping night, laundry day, grocery shopping day, expenses analysis time, date night, monthly measurement of key indicators.

12. Plan one BIG "Leap." It should be something that really scares you and excites you! You should be able to describe it in four words or less. Leap with an intent to learn – where failures are learning tools in the process. “Within the next year I will …”

If you don’t know where you want to be next year at this time, you’re already there.

As this year ands you might be in the same place as at the beginning of the year or not quite where you had hoped to be. Yet you are exhausted from working harder without results to show for it. You are starting to wonder if change will ever happen and that next your relationships might begin to suffer.

Don’t let that happen to you. I have a special offer for you. I am giving you a FREE coaching call with me to see if coaching with me is a good fit.

Wake up New Year’s Day with results. Let’s set you up to align your values and desires to a career that fulfills you and surges your effectiveness with great people around you while it still matters. Success is freedom not more hours. Trade the treadmill to nowhere for mindful and actionable strategies that give you the confidence, candor and calm of successful and happy people.

I truly look forward to speaking with you to see if my personalized executive coaching program is a good fit for you to start 2019 with the results you want. If you don't know where you'll be at the end of 2019 you are already there. Click here to set up a FREE consultation call.

Your coach,

Mary Lee

P.S. Feel free to send this link to someone who could benefit from it. We are all walking down the same road in life.

Mary Lee Gannon, ACC, CAE is an International Coach Federation certified executive coach and 18-year corporate CEO who helps busy executive leaders swap the treadmill to nowhere for a new career, promotion, higher pay, confidence, calm and better connection with the people who matter while it still matters. View testimonials from her career transformation mavens and FREE career tools at

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