This is Not Self Care

     I used to think self-care was my bubble bath or reading my self-help books after a crisis moment. While these provided a breath of fresh air they weren’t helping me to deal with raw emotions in the moment.

     Do you see self-care as after-care? Do you wait until the let-down, crisis, doubt sets in and then try to play catch-up to snap you out of feeling inadequate and question why this pattern keeps happening to you?

     You deserve better. And only you can give that to yourself.

     It’s freeing to be able to see the hurt coming, slow down, and be still. Still. Understand that things come and go. Emotions come and go. The important thing is to accept them all. Nod at them. Embrace them all - not turn away in fear. Then you can choose to do with them what you want verses being controlled by them.

     Fear will consume you to the point of convincing you that you don’t want to feel it. Yet it does nothing but grow. As a matter of fact, fear will eventually convince you to start judging yourself for not being able to turn down its volume.

     Versus stepping back to say, “I am feeling (afraid, nervous, anxious, shame, judgment).” And getting curious. “What am I afraid of?” Then you can unpack it and realize it’s really nothing but your imagination running its course.

     Either you choose what to do with fear or your ego will take over because it is a survivor and its sole role is to keep you safe by making you risk averse.

     We don’t adopt mindful daily practices just for the moments we do them. We meditate, pray, read daily inspirations, take mindful walks where we notice our surroundings not ruminate past situations because these routines slow our minds so that we may be still in even the most stressful circumstances.

     A still mind creates a space to be more self-aware of our thoughts and behaviors.

     This is the space of self-care.

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Your coach,

Mary Lee 

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