When You Want to Re-enter the Workforce

If you've been out of the workforce a while and are trying to re-enter it here are a few strategies to keep in mind.

Organizations today are seeking professionals who are committed to excellence, mastery and are a good cultural fit. If you are a candidate who has been out of the workforce for any reason, here are a few recommendations to consider:

1. Don't bias yourself against yourself. If you are focused on how you are irrelevant because of not being in an active career role so will others. How have you kept your product/service knowledge up to date? What meetings have you or are you now attending? What groups or organizations are you active in? What news sources/professional association posts do you read regularly? What volunteer activities keep you current? List these things in your cover letter and resume.

2. How has your hiatus from full time employment been an opportunity for you? Have you been able to level set how to build healthy work/life integration? What mindset are you now able to bring to your career now that you understand how the rest of the world has to also find a way to integrate work and life? Has it made you more patient, understanding, a better listener, a better manager of people and process? Has it made you better positioned for effectiveness than before?

3. Start a Company Watch List of companies you want to work for even if a position is not open.

4. Research a prospective company in the news. Understand their challenges. Know the cause and effect of their recent activity. Research who their aligned industries are. Be able to speak to your knowledge of their specific initiatives in your cover letter.

5. Search your LinkedIn contacts for who in your network works at those companies. Start commenting on their posts. After you have established rapport, tell them you are researching your next career move and ask them what they think about the culture where they work. This will open a conversation.

Here is a more extensive report on how to best position yourself if you fear age bias: 10 Tips When You Fear Age Bias - https://www.maryleegannon.com/pl/75355

Your coach,

Mary Lee


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