Your 10 Step Career and Life Plan for 2024

After two decades as a CEO in various roles there are definitely distinct lessons I've learned over time from the challenges and successes I have experienced. I share these at this time of year because I know you may be thinking about the New Year. When we put thought into our actions we end up with results. When we let the year carry us without intention, we often end up disappointed.


Here are '10 Lessons from the Corner Office' and a link to a FREE tool to help you plan your career with intention in  2024.


  1. When we focus on what we have to give instead of what there is to get we realize our value.


  1. When we are curious and compassionate, we become servant leaders instead of command and control dictators.


  1. There is power in having your boss’s back. Find a way to do that or go somewhere you can. Don’t stay and poison yourself, your persona, and the culture.


  1. Good people leave organizations because of bad managers who don’t...
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Do You See What Other People See in You?

Uncategorized Nov 21, 2023

“I don’t understand why I’m not getting promoted when I’m working harder than the people who are.”


“I am not getting recognized for what I’m doing at work. I think it’s my age.”  


“I have a couple of team members who just won’t get their work done.”  

I hear these a lot.  

All of them have a common theme and a solution. 

Common Theme: It’s difficult to improve a situation when you feel you don’t have any control over it or power to change it. This is the case in all these scenarios and most situations that frustrate us.  

Solution: We all have a blind spot. When you grow your awareness of how you are being perceived by others, you gain power to self-regulate your behavior to show up more effectively and self-empowered. Then good management techniques make better sense, and you execute them freely.  

It’s astounding what we don’t...

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Half the Battle is Managing Your Own Ego

We all have an ego. It is our friend. It keeps us safe by scouting for danger. It’s why we aren’t extinct as a species. Humans are very good at protecting themselves.

Except mastodons and primitive tribes aren’t walking the earth today.

(I realize there are people in corporate cultures who may take exception to this.)

When we allow our ego to think doubt is danger, anxiety unfolds.

Worry is a symptom of anxiety.

Worry destroys peace and relationships.

Worry shows up as:

Distancing from people you care about
Playing small
Lack of purpose
No intention
Lack of intimacy

Here’s what it sounds like in your head:

“I better speak just so I can be noticed.”
“He always picks on me.”
“I don’t want to draw attention because what if I’m wrong?”
“I’ll never get a better job.”
“I don’t know what...

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How to Find the Role That is Right for You

Uncategorized Nov 14, 2023

Clients often ask me how to find a role that is right for them. The solution is a two-part equation.    

1 First, you must definitively know not only what you can do better than anyone else, but also who you are in the process so that you can position yourself for a role you’ll love in a way that the organization competes to keep or hire you. That takes focus. We work strategically on this before we even look at job opportunities.

2 Secondly, once that’s in place you have to know what you want in order to find a meaningful role in a great organization.    

Characteristics of a Great Leadership Role:    

1. A role where you have a decisive vision for what needs to be done, support to get the resources necessary for strategic execution, and the ability to build a cohesive team.    

2. A culture that aligns with your personal values or the ability to create a culture that meets the needs of the changing workforce where lifestyle,...

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Don't Use These Phrases

Recruiters hate it when cliché phrases appear in resumes.

1. “I know how to work hard”
2. “I work well under pressure”
3. “I work independently”
4. “I am effective at solving problems”
5. “I know how to work in a team”
6. “I am proactive”
7. “I am a good communicator”
8. “I’m good at listening”
9. “My writing skills are excellent”
10. “I’m enthusiastic”

Don’t TELL them. Find a way to SHOW them. Lace these themes through stories and measurable key accomplishments in your resume. Your opinion of yourself is subjective. Your results are facts.

If you enjoyed this information, you can get to know me more and learn more about my podcast - The Still Space Podcast. This is where my guests and I share fun and simple strategies to manage yourself so that you can show up the way you want in work, relationships and life and not default to past behaviors...

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When You Are Uncertain

The opposite of uncertainty isn’t certainty, it’s self trust.


We lose certainty in the face of doubt. At our worst we misconstrue doubt as danger and anxiety robs us of peace, our genius and executive presence. Then we lose the trust of our colleagues and the people closest to us. Mostly, we lose belief in ourselves.


In this space everything seems to crumble.


You’ll never win the battle to control your future.


Never. Don’t tire yourself on this treadmill to nowhere.


Tell yourself, “I don’t know what will happen. I don’t know what the future holds.


 “What I do know is that I trust I’ll be able to handle whatever happens. I trust I’ll have my best interests at heart.


”I trust I can be gentle with myself and strong against thoughts that don’t serve me. I trust being my best is enough.


”I trust myself, so I know I’ll be ok.”



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An Invitation

This season, a lot of people reach out to me to ask about coaching because they are approaching the end of the year and they realize that not much has changed for them over the year. Nothing needs to change for you to be happy and satisfied in your life. Yet, sometimes we had hoped and even planned for things to be different, and it didn’t work out. 

Below are a few links to help clarify the process of working with me to make it easy for you to decide what your New Year will hold.

People don't put off coaching because they don't believe it will work. They think that is the reason but it is not. They put off coaching because they don't believe in themselves and don't want to face more disappointment. This breaks my heart. 


 If you are sensing that this might be how you are feeling, here is a link to apply to work with me. Let’s get on a call to talk about what you want for your next six months. I'm looking forward to speaking with...

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The Problem Behind the Problem

This week I had a call with a client who is exhausted in his VP role from working hard yet not earning the trust of his team which isn’t productive as measured by CEO. This is creating strained relationships with his spouse and children. He’s stopped his exercise routine, is binge snacking, and isn’t sleeping well. He’s drinking more than usual and extremely frustrated. 

Here’s what we’re going to do: 

Look at the whole picture. Not just the frustrated part and tack on an action plan that won’t be sustainable nor is linked to the bigger picture that he can’t even see in all the hurt and disappointment at this point. 

Emotional pain is debilitating. Our culture tends to gloss over emotion with a “just work harder” mantra that doesn’t work. Just ask the military that is now totally committed to mental and physical fitness after witnessing the PTSD fallout of the “just suck it up”...

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What Gives Us Hope

It’s interesting how much hope and wisdom comes from having lived a full life.


Yet often with all our accomplishments we feel we’ve missed something.


That we don’t know what it all amounts to.


That we’re not sure we have purpose to our lives.


That retirement means an ending.


That we won’t be relevant after a layoff.


That the best years of our lives are behind us.


These are thoughts.


They are assumptions based on flawed beliefs that grew out of emotions we turn away from such as…









When we learn how to honor the emotion and break the perseverative cycle of defeating thoughts with a go-to personal practice the world opens.


My mother is in a nursing home. It scares me sometimes to visit her because in my grief for her condition I also have to admit that I worry if I’ll end up the same way.


I acknowledge how...

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Compassion is Hard When We Have Nothing Left to Give

Compassion is powerful. We all think we have it. And then we see something that makes us uncomfortable and we forget how to show it.


I’ve been paralyzed by this too. I had to work on how to feel, then demonstrate compassion when I had little of it for myself during a difficult divorce.


Lack of compassion shows up when someone close to you is grieving and you don’t know what to say or do so you avoid, when someone is suffering and you start wondering if their situation might happen to you, when you start comparing their situation to yours, when you’re frustrated that you can’t fix their situation, and when you’re so spent you don’t have anything left to give.


In all of these instances we make someone else’s suffering about us. Yes. We’re in our own heads and not their pain.


At work and in life this can look like detachment, cold, unfeeling, self-consumed, and ambition driven.


Compassion is an...

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